Ajay Ajaal, is a data architect from Toronto. Currently working on the data platform for Telus Digital, having previously worked for Rogers Media. Ajay also has made multiple online courses covering business analytics, analytics implementation and digital marketing.


  • 2014 – I decide to write a script that searches the interwebs and filters for Libyan news
  • 2015 – Graduated from university and decided to try my hand at bringing analytics and personalization to small business in the form of PixelBlock Studios
  • 2016 – After an adventure with PixelBlock, I decide to work for Rogers Media to learn about how media works but also get experience managing huge brands such as Sportsnet
  • 2017 – Telus comes knocking and I decide to join and build the analytics infrustructure required for analysis and personalization
  • 2018 – I end up leading a team of 8+ engineers managing the infrustracture and Telus grows in complexity and capabilities
  • 2018 – I dedicate some time to creating JadeAt.Work and building a framework/culture of personal growth within the analytics team
  • 2019 - Lets see what the future holds


  • Hiring and developing a team of junior engineers at TELUS
  • Writing code that has been run by the ~90% of Canadians who have ever visited a Rogers Media brand (web and app) or Telus property (web or app)
  • Being the youngest speaker at Adobe Summit 2019 (possibly youngest ever)

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